Supporters roll out red carpet to Deepa Jayakumar, the novel aurora of Tamil Nadu Politics

Supporters roll out red carpet to Deepa Jayakumar, the novel aurora of Tamil Nadu Politics.

Chennai, January 9: The unexpected tragic demise of Jayalalithaa has lead the AIADMK and its followers to an utter chaos, though they successfully cover up this form the public. Moreover, Karunanidhi’s DMK is patiently waiting for the natural death of AIADMK, which has become imminent after the death of its unbeaten leader Jayalalithaa. And here comes the most appropriate solution for the uncertainty prevailing in Tamil Nadu politics. It is none other than Jayalalithaa’s neice Deepa Jayakumar. She told media, she would fulfill the wishes of her supporters if they really want her in the Tamil Nadu politics. After the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, people who were so much fond of Jayalalithaa started to see Deepa as Jayalalithaa’s political heir and now she has become their ‘Deepa Amma’.

Though opposed by many, Sasikala took charge as the AIADMK Generala Secretary, deliberately forgetting facts about her qualifications to assume the post. But there were other expectations that she would not be allowed to become the AIADMK chief. Supporters of Jayalallithaa from different parts of Tamil Nadu has expressed their disagreement on making Chinnamma the party supremo. MP Sasiskala Pushpa has also opposed this move. She had also expressed her doubts on the death of Jayalalithaa as all the information regarding her health condition was kept in high secrecy.  Meanwhile, according to Sasikala Pushpa’s counsel K M Vijayan, the party bylaws do not allow Sasikala Natarajan to become the party chief, under any circumstances.

The wishes of the AIADMK workers were thoroughly ignored in the case of Sasikala’s appointment as the AIADMK chief. It was even commented that Sasikala is Jayalalithaa’s house maid and that no one would replace mistress with her maid. Becoming one’s legal heir is not very easy, if it lack solid evidences or established relationships. Here everything has gone in a reverse order. But in certain recent events, Deepa was hailed as the political heir of Jayalalithaa and a section of AIADMK followers had launched campaigns to support her. Reportedly, Deeepa asked these supporters to be clam till she announces her decisions on January 17, 2017.

The so called sovereignty prevailing in the AIADMK is just a funny soap bubble. This silence will not remain for long, as true followers of Jayalalithaa still exists. Moreover, if someone has made certain followers silent, that too would gradually come out. Reportedly, the Mannargudi Mafia has been kept as sleeper cells, due to the massive objection raised against their influence in the party as well as in the properties left over by Jayalalithaa.

Deepa Jayakumar has to face and win in the election, if she needs to perform in the show. She could also put some light in to the secrecy behind her aunt Jayalalithaa’s death. For instance, if Deepa win the election with the support of DMK, it might be the last nail on AIADMK.