Supreme Court direction to Search engines : Must remove info on Sex Determination test within 36 hours

New Delhi, Nov 16: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed all online search engines to remove illegal advertisements, information on sex determination tests within 36 hours of receiving a complaint.
The SC observed that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft must remove such content within 36 hours of receiving a complaint.

On the earlier date of hearing, the court had said that search engines are under an obligation to check pre-natal sex determination advertisements. Further the court also asked the search engines to develop an in-house method to prohibit such content.

“They are under obligation to see that the ‘doctrine of auto block’ is applied within a reasonable period of time,” the court also observed. The government had told the court that the search engines had agreed to follow the law on sex determination and would not allow any advertisement or “publish any content” violative of the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act.