Supreme Court refuses urgent hearing on ban on cockfights in Andhra Pradesh

The court extended the ban on cockfights wholly and not just during the Sankranti festival in January.

New Delhi, Jan. 13 : Cockfights in Andhra Pradesh continue to remain banned as the Supreme Court today refused to give an urgent hearing into the matter.
Gauri, one of the members of the Animal Welfare Board (AWB), moved the apex court so that the Andhra Pradesh Government is directed to strictly implement its order on banning cockfight.
Earlier on Friday, the apex court had upheld the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s order prohibiting cockfights and refused to stay the ban on the sport.
The High Court had on December 26 last year upheld the ban on cockfight and directed the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to ensure no cockfights take place during the Sankranti festival.
Cockfighting is a popular sport in the rural areas where the birds fight with each other with blades tied to their feet.