Sustainable development portrayed through photography, light

New Delhi, Dec 30 (IANS) Art found a new meaning through multiple media artist Ashim Ghoshs creativity, which is being currently showcased at the ongoing Photosphere Exhibition 2016 at the India Habitat Centre (IHC) here.

With the theme of sustainable development, the exhibition focuses on the grand narrative with subjects like climate change, migration, impact of uncontrolled development.

With lots of colour and light, Ghosh has made a unique amalgamation of science with art which is highlighted in his exhibition.

Based on his proprietary technique, ‘DilietTM’ (digital light induced entrancement), these extraordinary dynamic works transform colour and form when lit by special diliet light sequences, in spectacular ways that one has to see to believe.

“I presented light as the sixth element; light is very crucial and that is my alignment with Photosphere; light is shown in a very lyrical way,” Ghosh told IANS.

He has also invented ‘Shabdkoshish’ — an Indian language word-game system for effective educational technologies and to make language learning fun and easy. The section tried to bring alive the loosing charm of regional languages through an innovative way.

“I have been working on literacy since 1993 through Shabdkoshish and most of my work as a photographer has always been what is coming today under fashion photography,” Ghosh added.

The artist has also brought up old photographs which he collected after extensively travelling into the interiors and villages of India.

His work — a remarkable outdoor installation showing a seamless 16′ x 16′ diliet dynamic artwork looks beautiful and static in the daylight, but slowly animating and transforming colour as the sun sets into darkness — has been installed at the IHC and is visible from Lodhi Road.