Swathi murder case: Police share contact numbers

Chennai, June 28: In the aftermath of the killing of 24-year-old techie at Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai last Friday, senior police officers have requested people to not spread rumours about the murder case on social media. Police also requested people to share any mobile phone recording or photo of the suspect taken at the station during the time of the incident.

A special team comprising eight inspectors, one assistant commissioner and one deputy commissioner have been formed tonab the accused.

The following officers can be contacted by public if they have any information regarding the case:

Tr.K.Shankar, IPS, Addl.COP (S) – 8939966985.

Tr.S.Manoharan, IPS, JC/East – 9840962359, 9498178179.

Tr.P.Perumal, DC/ Triplicane – 9443481933.

Tr. K.P.S.Devaraj, AC/ Nungambakkam – 9840190505, 9498132707.

Tr.B.Kalitheerthan, AC, Egmore – 9751804830, 9498127426.

Tr.S.Muthuvelpandi, AC/ Triplicane – 9884070878, 9498104839.

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