Swedish commercial vehicle maker Volvo asks Indian team to design value truck

New Delhi, Oct 20: Swedish commercial vehicle maker Volvo AB has mandated its Indian R&D team to take the lead in developing medium duty trucks for global markets scheduled to go into production in 2017 and it would be conceptualized and designed by the Bengaluru unit.

“In terms of contribution to the group, we are critical because we do a lot of other jobs apart from sales. The site in India has over 800 engineers and has been entrusted with the responsibility for developing a value truck. This is a global responsibility. So any value truck which is to be designed, improved, the responsibility will lie with the Indian side,” said Kamal Bali, managing director, Volvo India.

The team is currently working on a medium duty truck in the 10-15 tonne segment – positioned globally at price points between the mainstream ‘Eicher’ brand and the more premium ‘Volvo’ brand — which will be introduced in an overseas market next year.

“The whole product is owned by them – from concept to design to execution is being done by the Indian team. Of course, they take help from Lyon (France) and Gothenburg (Sweden) but they are leading the team. This truck could be not for India. Some of the products this site does may not be launched in India,” Bali said.

The product under development in the medium duty segment will not be launched in India as JV partner Eicher, through VE Commercial Vehicles, has about 33% share in the category with its own products.