Swedish company’s racist Monkey sweatshirt creates uproar in South Africa

Photo Credit: Twitter

Johannesburg, Jan 14: The Swedish clothing company H&M was forced to temporarily closed down several stores in South Africa after protests  over an image in its online store that many people alleged was racist.

The image showed a black child modelling a hooded sweatshirt that read “coolest monkey in the jungle.” There were also two other sweatshirts that were jungle-themed modelled by white children but the ‘monkey’ comment was missing.

This led to a strong social media uproar with many protesting online which later spread to streets. South Africa’s second-largest opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters, took up the issue. Many people shouting slogans gathered at H&M locations across the country and ransacked the shops.

Following the uproar H&M issued a statement which was also shared in Twitter saying that considering the safety of its employees it is closing down shops in the region.