Switzerland has world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge on the Europaweg

Switzerland has world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge on the Europaweg

Bern,August2:Switzerland is now home to the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. The suspension bridge is of a length of 1621 feet and rising as high as 279 feet has broken all the record – which makes it the longest in the world. The bridge, which has replaced an older suspension bridge that closed in 2010 due to damage by falling rocks. The official inauguration of the bridge happened in Randa, Switzerland on July 29.

The bridge is situated on the Europaweg that connects the villages of Zermatt and Graechen. It offers hikers views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps.

The bridge is constructed with steel, is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge that cuts the journey across the valley from three to four hours to a mere 10 minutes. The total journey time between Zermatt and Graechen is about two days.

The bridge only measures 25.6 inches wide. It means just enough for one person, single file.

The bridge cost 750,000 Swiss Francs