Syama S Prabha, anchor of the first transgender prime time show Marivil Pole Manasiger speaks 

Syama S Prabha, anchor of the first transgender prime time show Marivil Pole Manasiger speaks 

Thiruvananthapuram, October 7: In the history of Malayalam television, Syama S Prabha, is the first transgender prime time show anchor of the program “Marivil pole manasiger” which is aired on Mangalam channel.

Syama S Prabha is also the vice president of Queer Rhythm Organization which works for transgender rights. She aims to reveal the truth that they stand in the middle of the mainstream society even when a section thinks of being marginalized.

Syama’s biggest desire was to go to a place where she could show her identity. Being a transgender, If we are able to reveal our identity, then only we could prove all our abilities with all its potentials.

There have been several opportunities to work without revealing my identity of a transgender. Many have been reluctant to accept one of those when revealing it. And so opportunities have been denied.

She also poured her gratitude and thanks to Mangalam TV channel and her friend Dia Sana, a Transgender activist. Sana stated that the channel was searching for a transgender for anchoring a show.

“Maarivil pole manasiger” is not a show that speaks only about the transgenders. There are many marginalized people in the community. Their problems in the society are discussed in the show.

Generally, we see a woman or a man comes up with a program to show their vision. Through a transgender perspective, this idea is presented as an idea of their own. How the transgender person is looking at a topic in society and discussing their personal ideas in it.

Often we were invited for discussions about the issues of sexual minorities or the transgender communities.

The truth is that there are not many attempts to make a transgender as part of big debates. The show speaks about how a transgender person looks or reacts to those issues.

My wish is to introduce at least one person of a kind on each show. It will be an inspiration for others. I hope this show could open the doors of opportunities for me.