Sylvester Stallone is still alive, the latest victim of online death hoax

United States, September 6: The news of veteran Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone’s death spread like a wildfire on social media last night. The article which was widely shared on social media announced ‘Stallone is found dead’ and featured a CNN banner head. Since it was CNN, people believed it and started sending out RIP messages, reports


The fabricated article also stated that prescription pills were found at the ‘death scene’.However, the 70-year-old Rocky star defied all the death reports by sharing his snapshots on Instagram. “A wonderful quiet dinner with my daughter,” Stallone captioned the picture. He was seen with his daughter, Sistine, during a night out.

A wonderful quiet dinner together with my daughter. #dinnerdate #spacetravel #nogravity #talkingheads @sophiastallone

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Stallone did not directly refute the false reports, but his active social media posts are enough to prove that the news was fabricated.