Syria: Over 6000 escape due to IS attacks

Damascus, May 29 : Due to attacks carried out by militant group Islamic State, more than 6000 people have escaped from different parts of northern Syria, a monitor group reported on Sunday.

The areas are controlled by The Syrian Democratic Forces.

“Reliable sources informed the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Aleppo that Jaysh al-Thowwar controlled the village of Sheikh Issa adjacent to the city of Mare’, which its outskirts are witnessing clashes between the rebel and Islamic Factions against the ‘Islamic State’, they said that this control has come without a fight and according to an undeclared agreement between the rebel factions and Jaysh al-Thowwar, while more than 6000 people were able to displace from villages and towns attacked and controlled by the ‘Islamic state’, in addition of people from Mare’ city north of Aleppo province, where they displaced towards the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in a the north and northwestern countryside of Aleppo,” read the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights website.

“Also the sources confirmed that the fighters in Sheikh Issa have retreated to support the factions in repelling the organization’s attack on Mare’, while clashes are still taking place in the vicinity of Naddah village and the Scientific Research between the factions and the organization, where the factions managed to advance, and information about their control over Scientific Research,” it said.

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