Write Right!

A perfect writing craft is elusive; especially if you are not writing in your first language. Many people in the former British colonies choose English as their preferred medium of

Literary Festivals 101

Literature is no longer on the page. Literature is now on podiums, and all about networking. Naturally, literary festivals follow. For those of you who are not ardent lit fest

Reader, do you suffer from Tsundoku?

“What a delightful library you have at Pemberley, Mr. Darcy!” “It ought to be good,” he replied; “it has been the work of many generations.” That was, of course from


Before I plunge into what books wait in the wings in 2018, let me remind myself that 2018 is the centenary year of Muriel Sparks, the Scottish author known best

Building Vocabularies and Libraries

The word and the book; both hook you for life. And here are two people who have been with me since almost two decades in my pursuit of the written

An ‘Olympian’ Read

Five years ago, 196 independent countries on the globe went to London for the highest sporting event on the planet. And a reader in London celebrated their arrival she best