Soccer legend Pele collapses with exhaustion

Brazilia [Brazil], Jan 19: Brazilian soccer legend Pele has been admitted to hospital after collapsing due to exhaustion. “In the early hours of Thursday morning, Pele collapsed and was taken

26 inmates die in Brazil prison gang massacre

NATAL, Jan 16: The latest in a string of brutal prison massacres involving suspected gang members in Brazil has killed 26 inmates, most of whom were beheaded, officials said Sunday.

Astronomers from Brazil discover two new planets

Chile,Nov7:A team of Brazilian astronomers has discovered two new planets around a star similar to the sun known as HIP 68468. The two new planets, dubbed “super-Neptune” and “super-Earth”, are the

Brazil ratifies Paris Agreement on climate change

Brasilia, Sep 13: The Brazilian government has ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change, which was adopted by 195 countries during a summit in the French capital last December. “The commitment

Brazil’s ex-Speaker faces losing seat

Brasilia, Sep 13 (IANS) Brazil’s lower house was considering whether to expel former Speaker Eduardo Cunha amid accusations that he lied about undeclared Swiss bank accounts, a media report said

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