Munchausen Syndrome

The Baron Despite contradictory opinions, Baron Munchausen was not a liar; he was a master storyteller. He fought the deadly ‘Austro-Russian-Turkish’ war in 1740 with courage, ingenuity and survived to


Dexterity of human hand of a right handed person depends on the left cerebral hemisphere. The right ‘non-dominant’ hemisphere, once thought to be of little use, is now known to

Hide it from your doctor

‘Don’t hide anything from your doctor or Lawyer.’ Right? I don’t fully agree and I will tell you why. After more than 2 decades of medical practice, I believe that

Sharing Right

Property division is usually a hair splitting and stressful exercise, the dividing partners want their legitimate share every single bit. No compromise there. In this case, it is even more

Is vegan diet putting your kids at risk?

Washington DC/USA, May 12: Is it safe to bring a child up as vegan? According to a team of experts, fashionable vegetarian diets can be damaging. Experts at the 50th

An apple a day keeps diabetes away, study
An apple a day keeps diabetes away, study

Washington DC/USA, April 12: You may want to add fresh fruits to your diet as according to a recent study, the greater the consumption, the lower is the incidence of

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