Japan launches its military communication satellite

TOKYO,Jan 24: Japan on Tuesday launched a satellite to modernise its military communications and reportedly to better monitor North Korean missile launches. The Kirameki-2 will enable ground, sea and air

Japan launches robotic Kounotori 6 cargo spaceship

Tokyo, Dec 10:Japan on Friday successfully launched a rocket carrying the unmanned cargo spaceship Kounotori 6 to deliver supplies for astronauts living in the International Space Station (ISS). The H-2B

5.6 earthquake in northeast Japan ,no damage

TOKYO,Nov24: A 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook northeast Japan early Thursday, the US Geological Survey said, two days after a powerful tremor triggered a tsunami near the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Japan hit by quake of 5.4 magnitude

Tokyo,Nov19:An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.4 shook western Japan on Saturday but there was no immediate reports of damage and a tsunami warning was not issued. The epicentre

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