World’s richest men loses $93 billion in a day

Washington, February 10: As the American stock markets continue its meltdown, billionaires are bearing the brunt of it. World’s richest man and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos saw his fortune

Facebook developing ”perfect” chatbot

New York, April 15 : World’s largest online social media and social networking site Facebook is quietly developing the most useful virtual assistant ever that may outshine Jarvis — the

Facebook launches probe into report of political bias

California, May 14: Facebook Inc, the social networking powerhouse, is conducting a full investigation into allegations of political bias, Chairman and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said. The company has come

Make payments via Facebook Messenger soon

New York, April 12: Social networking giant Facebook may soon allow on its Messenger app a PayPal-like mobile money transfer service free of cost that will only require a debit card