Taliban attack German consulate in Afghanistan, killing 4

Kabul, Nov 11: Germany’s consulate in northern Afghanistan was attacked when a suicide car bomber rammed the compound, killing four people and wounding more than 100, police and a doctor said Friday.
Four dead, two civilians and two unidentified bodies, were brought to the Balkh hospital and around 115 people were wounded, said Dr. Noor Mohammad Faiz.
“The blast was too loud and powerful, which shattered windows, and many civilians were wounded inside their homes,” he said.
The car exploded at the gate of the consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif city, destroying the gate and wall around 11.10 p.m. Thursday, said Abdul Raziq Qaderi, head of security for Balkh province.
“Police have surrounded the area and our forces are inside the compound,” he said. Mazar-i-Sharif is the capital of Balkh province and one of the most important cities in the country.The Taliban issued a statement saying they had sent suicide attackers to the consulate.