Tamil Nadu and Karnataka assemblies law on Jallikattu and Kambala: PETA to question in Supreme Court

Animals welfare board issues guidelines for conduct of Jallikattu

New Delhi, Feb 21: On the day the Karnataka assembly passed a bill to legalise the traditional buffalo race Kambala, Animal rights group PETA, Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says that allowing this “cruelty” to be affected on animals is “shameful” and leaves a “black mark” on India.

After this, today PETA decided to move to the Supreme Court challenging the legislation passed by Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state assemblies allowing Jallikattu and Kambala respectively.

However, the body has not yet decided on whether it will challenge the state assembly legislations separately or together.
“We will challenge the legislations in the Supreme Court. We will do it in the next few days. We are consulting our lawyers on whether to challenge both the state laws together or separately,” Manilal Valliyate, Director of Veterinary Affairs at PETA India, told PTI.
On January 31, the apex Court had refused to stay the new legislation while hearing the petitions of a number of animal welfare bodies.

PETA Says that in just four years, from 2010 to 2014, approximately 1,100 injuries to humans were reported by the media as a result of cruel and dangerous jallikattu-type events and 17 people died, including a child.

PETA India has documented in AWBI authorised inspections that during jallikattu, terrified bulls are often deliberately disoriented by being given substances like alcohol, having their tails twisted and bitten, being stabbed and jabbed by sickles, spears, knives or sticks and being punched, jumped on and dragged to the ground.

Three bulls even died during jallikattu events in 2014. During races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks and pushed beyond the point of exhaustion. In bullfights, which often occur in Goa, a round ends when one of the bulls manages to flee (or is killed), PETA India said.

However, it had permitted the associations to amend their pending petitions for challenging the law.
Jallikattu is a traditional bull-taming sport in Tamil Nadu, while Kambala is a buffalo race.
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