Is Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is a victim of ‘Black Magic’ ???

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Chennai, Oct 31: Quoted from an astro guru, The London-based daily ‘Daily Mail‘ has reported that Jayalalithaa and probably Karunanidhi could be victim of black magic.

State Government General Hospital doctor, Dr Balaji says that due to intravenous feeding of drugs on the right hand, Jatalalithaa was not able to hold the pen.

Otherwise, she is fine and is talking to the doctors who are treating her, says Dr Balaji. Dr. Richard, the UK doctor, who is said to have returned back to his country as Jayalalithaa has recovered, was back on Deepavali day at the Apollo hospital.

The name of the astro guru has been kept a secret for security reasons, says Daily Mail.

The astro guru says that rivals of Jayalalithaa has spent lot of money on tantriks to put her down.

He says that black magic is not a monopoly of anyone and one need not assume that it was the men from the rival DMK. He says that she has enemies within her own party and adds that Karunanidhi too could be afflicted with this black magic.

Daily Mail reports quotes the astro guru as saying “Rivalry in political circles is very common and it would be wrong to say only one political party indulges in black magic and sorcery. This is no holds barred.” he said. The newspaper reported earlier that the real condition of Jayalalithaa has been kept a secret as it could trigger civil unrest in the State.
Dr. Balaji’s statement on the reason for Jayalalithaa affixing her left thumb impression on the nomination papers for the bypoll is different from what was given in the affidavit to the Election commission. The affidavit given by Dr Balaji and an Apollo Hospital doctor had cited tracheostomy as the reason for swelling of the right hand. DMK says that Karunanidhi is recovering from an allergy due to the medicines he is taking. Karunanidhi’s eldest son M K Alagiri ,who was not on talking terms ,paid a visit at the former’s Gopalapuram residence.