Tamil Nadu looks forward for Jayalalithaa’s return, who would be her successor?

Chennai, December 5: The people of Tamil Nadu is waiting for their Amma to come back.
Circumstances proves that Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is struggling to her illness with the help of the doctors in the Appollo hospital Chennai.
Her ill health and absence from the State affairs lead to various discussion from different angles. Among this the most trending discussion is on the future of the Tamil Nadu government.
Who would become the successor of J Jayalalithaa, sets the new trend in Tamil Nadu political discussions.
Majority of these discussions are pointed towards the South Indian actor Ajith Kumar.
AIADMK claims that Jayalalithaa had decided to designate Ajith as her successor, the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
It is indicated that this decision is written in the WILL of  Jayalalitha, given to her most trusted affiliates.
Earlier when Jayalalithaa was absent due to cases on curruption, Paneer Selvam was given the the charge of the chief Minister.
But according to party sources, there is no chance for Paneer Selvam to become the successor of Jayalalithaa.
As her succssor, Jayalalithaa wants a person having certain qualities to attract the public and with strong leadership capabilities.
The party is not so confidant about Paneer Selvam in this regard. Actor Ajith Kumar was keen on keeping close acquaintance with Jayalalithaa. The party activists also likes him very much.
But there is a constrain that Ajith does not have any political experience. So it would be difficult for him to take the responsibility as the chief minister of the state, all of a sudden.
So, there is a chance that, till Ajith become able to take charge as the chief minister, Paneer Selvam would continue as the Chief Minister.
In the absence of Jayalalithaa, adviser to government Sheela Balakrishnan, Chief secretary and other top bureaucrats are taking major decisions on the State.