Tamil Nadu politics get heated again: Dinakaran pulls the plug after OPS-EPS merger

Sashikala and ops
Tamil Nadu politics get heated again: Dinakaran pulls the plug after OPS-EPS merger

Chennai/ Tamil Nadu, August 23: With the merger of O Panneerselvam and E Palaniswami factions of the AIADMK after a six month long political chaos, Tamil Nadu has again ended up in turbulent times.

When OPS-EPS combined to make a fresh start in the government, TTV Dinakaran (VK Sasikala’s nephew) pulled the plug on administration with 19 MLAs loyal to him approaching the Governor. On August 22, the legislators submitted letters to Governor Vidyasagar Rao stating that they won’t support the government which Panneerselvam had mentioned as ‘corrupt’.

With this twist in the Tamil Nadu politics, the state is back to number crunching and resort politics which has been months after Sasikala’s daring action to seize loyal MLAs. Dinakaran, with his lieutenants P Vetrivel and E Pugazhendi crying husky about more turnout over the next few days, spirited off 19 MLAs to a luxury hotel in neighbouring Puducherry.

A source from the Dinakaran camp told that they have problem with the government and have indirectly named EPS. They asserts that some are looting the state; have to finish 3.5 years (in power) and thus are too scared to include TTV (Dinakaran). The source from Dinakaran camp demand their younger generation to grab the power. They can’t avoid Sasikala and Dinakaran. The source also added that they are 101% certain about the government to get dissolved before 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Everything is not well for the merged EPS-OPS faction of AIADMK. EPS camp has 104 MLAs, 10 MLAs are there for OPS team and Dinakaran faction has almost 20 MLAs. Halfway mark is 117 and merged faction till now has 114.

A source from the OPS camp blames BJP led centre for the ‘hasty’ deal. They say that their leader (OPS) had failed to put forth their conditions ahead of the merger as there was pressure from the Centre. Presently there are at least 19 MLAs withdrawing support, the government doesn’t have the majority. The source added that TTV Dinakaran won’t give up and he will try to prove that his family cannot be rejected. A floor test won’t be necessary as there is no Assembly session and the Governor is not in a hurry to call for a floor test. Thus according to the source, the government is stable. However, political analysts claim that Dinakaran’s power won’t be lasting for long.

RK Radhakrishanan, Associate Editor of Frontline, told that TTV has very little manoeuvring space and it appears he’s pushing his boundaries. No explanation will hold if the government comes down. TTV will be seen as the traitor. Radhakrishnan asserted that TTV will be forced to back down in return for a temporary halt to action against him, as Delhi brazenly uses all its agencies to force the issues.

The statement was agreed by political observer Sumanth Raman. He told that TTV has currently served notice to the government. Raman also added that he doesn’t believe that they would immediately attempt to topple the government without a Plan B in place. TTV is trying to stop further action against Sasikala.

At present, political crisis continues in Tamil Nadu. But the government won’t be dissolved at least for the next few months according to some indications, says media reports.