Tata Motors develops India’s first bio-methane bus

Tata Motors develops India's first bio-methane bus

New Delhi,July20:Tata Motors has developed India’s first bio-methane bus – imagine a bus that runs on food waste! Bio-methane is produced out of bio-degradable materials like kitchen waste. Tata Motors has not yet announced price of the new bio-methane (or bio-CNG) bus. According to Tata Motors, the use of Bio-CNG will help in smart cities of the future – with the bus providing an effective solution for wet garbage management. We take a look at India’s first bio-methane bus that comes at a time when globally the use of clean energy is under focus:

Tata Motors says it has “designed and developed” bio-methane engines (5.7 SGI & 3.8 SGI) for Light Commercial Vehicles, ICV & MCV buses.

Tata Motors showcased its new bio-methane engines at ‘Urja Utsav’ – an event organised by the Oil Ministry.

A Tata LPO 1613 bus with the 5.7 SGI, already in operation by Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited was also showcased with bio-methane fuel.

he bio-methane gas, which is generated as a result of the natural degradation process is a new way of making engines future-ready and environment friendly.

A bio-CNG bus is said to be more efficient than a normal CNG bus for the simple fact that in case of the latter, heavier hydrocarbons also co-exist with the Methane gas.

Tata Motors has, in the past, introduced technologies in CNG engines like long life spark plugs, sequential gas injection technology, plug type coils, skip fire and longer oil drain intervals.