Taxmen slap AP trader a big penalty of Rs 20,000 for not showing Rs 15 in GST return filing form

Andhra Pradesh/Hyderabad, September 28: The tax authorities would send a notice seeking heavy penalty if the customer fails or forgets to include even a small amount of Goods and Services Tax in the Goods and Services Tax returns form.

According to reliable sources, a trader in Andhra Pradesh was asked by tax collectors to pay a fine of Rs 20,000 for not  showing a Goods and Services Tax of Rs 15 in his return filing form.

Photo: Twitter

A notice from the tax department said that “If you deliberately violated the provisions of Goods and Services tax law, then it is a punishable offence.”Under the new indirect tax administration, the authorities would not tolerate any act of omission or commission on taxpayers’ part.

The notice further mentioned that the authorities may slap a notice 100,000 times more than the amount which was not shown either knowingly or unknowingly.

In July when Goods and Services Tax was launched, the central government asked as many as 200 officials in the country to make a list of traders and shop owners who were violating the provisions of GST laws.

The team that was dispatched across the country included officers from the high profile IAS, IPS and IRS services.