Teach boys how to behave with girls: Goa Governor

Panaji, Oct 23 (IANS) There is a need to inculcate good values in boys, so that they know how to behave with girls, Goa Governor Mridula Sinha said on Sunday.

She was interacting with a group of Hindu women at the Raj Bhavan.

A statement issued by the Goa government quoted the Governor as saying that there was a common tendency to teach girls how to “behave and give respect” to family but boys were not told this.

“There is urgent need to inculcate good values among the boys also as boys will come to know how to behave with girls.

“There is a common tendency that girls in the family get taught how to behave and give respect to members in the husband’s family.

“But boys are never taught that way. Hence every family should look forward to put efforts in order to inculcate those values among the boys too,” Sinha said.

“This could help to make marriages very successful and will also help (achieve) social and family harmony,” she said.