Telangana heatwave: Karimnagar Woman uses solar energy to make omelette

Hyderabad, April 20: As the Mercury levels soar,  the two Telugu states are reeling under intense  heatwave even causing the death of several people.  April has witnessed the highest temperature of 44 degrees and already recorded hottest day in 43 years in Hyderabad.  Despite the rains,  not much respite is there with respect to temperature as the average in this month has remained over 40.

The intense heatwave usually begins in May,  but this year summer has started in February itself.The hot rays from the sun is being put to good  use by the residents of the states.  One of  the women from Karimnagar district has proved it by preparing a fluffy omelet on the floor.

The exclusive video has been shared by ANI and it has gone viral on social media