Telugu actress Shraavya Reddy lost her cool during a Facebook live : Here is Why

Hyderabad, Nov 12: A video of Telugu actress Shraavya Reddy recently went viral where she lost her cool, when during a Facebook live session, a fan asked her about her breast size. The actress hit out at the fan’s misogynist comment and asked him to go and ask his mother the same question.

She can be heard saying in the video that went viral: “Come on yaar, why do you guys see my body when I am telling something very important. India is going down man. F*** that. Yes, I am using vulgar language but you are using and lot of people are seeing your comments. I am not showing my body. Don’t praise my boobs. Yes, I have amazing boobs. What’s your problem? Will your mother not have? Every girl has boobs.”

Reddy’s conundrum is nothing new and almost every woman who has an online presence has been subject to some form of lewd comment or another, including President Mukherjee’s daughter Sharmistha. The ironic thing is that the same people who comment like perverts on social media would never think of doing so in real life. Reddy hitting back against the commentator is actually a good thing and a message to every woman out there that they should never take lewd, pervert-like behaviour lying down.