Terror being used as state policy by some nations: Rajnath

New Delhi, Oct 14 (IANS) Terrorism is being used as state policy by some nations and the world must unite against it, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Friday.

“Some nations are using terror as their state policy. Those nations must be isolated,” Rajnath Singh said at the All India Christian Council (AICC) meet here, hinting at Pakistan without naming it.

“There can be differences over thinking and issues with some nations, but no way can a gun be chosen to resolve them,” he said, adding, “the global community is facing the consequences of terrorism”.

Terming India as the “university of tolerance”, Rajnath Singh said: “Terrorism has no religion, still some people try to link the two.”

The Minister said India was a secular state and there should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion.

Reiterating that India has been the confluence of all major religions of the world, Rajnath Singh warned of strict action by the government against those who were spreading rumours about religious discrimination.

“The union government will keep an eye on miscreants and rumour-mongers and steadfastly uphold the rule of law in the country,” he asserted.