Thanks to Triple Talaq Bill, woman divorced for ‘oversleeping’ told to remarry husband

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Rampur/UP, Dec 29: On Thursday the Parliament of India witnessed the discussions about ‘triple talaq’ and after long hours of debates the Lok Sabha passed the bill.

On the debates, Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad mentioned the case of a Rampur woman in the Parliament, after which  a local panchayat asked her to observe ‘iddat’ and ‘halala’ as the couple decided to remarry.

The 21-year-old woman, a resident of Ajimnagar in Rampur, was given triple talaq on Tuesday allegedly because she had overslept. Her husband, who is a driver, pushed her out of the house on Wednesday saying that he could not live with her anymore. Abandoned by her husband, she left for her parents’ house.

‘Iddat’ is the period of separation observed by a woman after divorce or death of a spouse, while ‘halala’ entails marrying another man, consummating marriage and divorcing him before remarrying the previous husband.

On Thursday, a panchayat was hurriedly called by both the sides when the matter was widely reported in the media after the law minister’s speech.

“The couple agreed to remarry after the woman was asked to observe ‘iddat’ and ‘halala’. The panchayat was held with the consent of the woman’s family and her in-laws. The decision was given with the maulvi’s consent,” village head Sarfraz Ahmed said.

When asked why the panchayat recognized the triple talaq in the first place, Ahmed replied: “The decision was taken by the elders from both the families.”

The woman had earlier told to some media that she would not accept triple talaq and would opt for a formal divorce if insisted by her husband. The woman’s family members did not allow her to speak to the media and claimed she was observing ‘iddat’.

The husband declined to comment on the issue.