‘The Wall’ coming to a wall near you: Samsung introducing 146-inch modular TV

New York, Jan 10: “Micro” LED is kind of a misleading name, because this new TV technology from Samsung can create truly gigantic screens. The name of the TV itself, however, is entirely appropriate: The Wall.

MicroLED is based on Samsung’s Cinema Screen technology, designed for movie theaters. The Wall is the house-size version, a mere 146 inches diagonal. That’s a TV over 10 feet wide and almost 6 feet tall. And it could get even bigger.

That’s because it’s modular. According to Samsung: “Users can add or remove modules to make their TV bigger or smaller, in any configuration, removing previous limitations on screen size, with zero impact on the performance of the display.”

Unlike traditional LED-based LCD TVs, which use a liquid crystal layer and an LED backlight, MicroLED uses an array of millions of individual, tiny LEDs to create the image. It’s very similar to the technology used in scoreboards and jumbo screens but scaled for home use. A big, expensive home. Samsung says the 146-inch size was chosen to comply with the standard ceiling height.

Because each LED can turn on or off individually, MicroLED has the potential for infinite contrast, just like OLED TVs. The Wall can achieve a searing 2,000-nit brightness, higher than any LED LCD we’ve tested, and the combination should produce breathtaking pop, especially for HDR sources.

While the set can achieve DVI-P3 color, Samsung has yet to confirm a resolution for the 146-inch TV. I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t 4K.