There have been no surgical strikes before: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar

New Delhi, October 12: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar gives entire credit for the surgical ops to the armed forces. Speaking at the ‘Strengthening India’s Defence Capabilities’ event in Mumbai. the defence minister said, “The entire credit for the surgical strikes should go to the Army.  127 crore people of this country and the Indian armed forces deserve the credit for the surgical strike.”

He said the Army was given a free hand but asked not to risk life and limb. “Years of anger was let out on September 29.” Parrikar said of the surgical strikes which were conducted before dawn of September 29.

He said terrorism is proxy war carried out by non-state actors. The strikes predicted Indian’s predictability. The government had the guts to take the decision and rubbished reports of earlier strikes conducted during the UPA government, saying there have been no other surgical strikes before.

“What probably they are quoting are action taken by Border action teams,which is common practice across globe including Indian Army. I have been Defence Minister for over two years and from whatever I’ve learnt, there was no surgical strike anytime earlier,” he said.

The Congress has said that surgical strikes were conducted thrice during the party-led UPA rule but their government did not make loud claims in the interest of national security.

Parrikar said there was a burden of helplessness among 127 crore people and 13.5 lakh army people that the enemy is continuously bleeding us through a 1000 cuts.

He added that India needs to think in terms of strength to avoid war, However, peace and this dislike for war should not be equated with weakness. India doesn’t like war as it brings economic miseries. This country has never liked to rule other countries; which is its greatness.”

Earlier in the day, speaking at the MET 2016 (Materials Engineering Technology) conference in Mumbai. Parrikar said the credit of success goes to the army, but credited the PM for decision making and timing. “I will only share the credit, major share goes to PM. This should settle the nerves of many people,” he said.