UK: Thieves ram car into supermarket, Steals ATM machine

Thieves ram car into supermarket, Steals ATM machine

London, February 02: A group of men rammed a car through the glass doors of a department store in UK and got away with the ATM machine. According to reports, the theft took place during the early hours of January 29. The ATM was placed inside an Aldi supermarket in Chatteris town, England and the group of three men smashed the glass door using a stolen Land Rover Defender.

The CCTV footage from the store clearly shows the robbers reversing the car into the store at high speed, shattering the glass door at the entrance. They repeatedly rammed the car until the glass was fully shattered. The three hooded suspects is seen dragging the ATM machine to the vehicle.

The store properties worth thousands of pounds were damaged during the heist. There is no information about the amount of money that was stacked inside the machine during the time of theft.

The surveillance footage of the heist released by Cambridgeshire Police has gone viral in the Social Media.

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