This Chinese Company requires female staff to kiss boss, claims it enhances corporate culture and unites team – video

China, October 15: We might be living in a post-feminist phase. But unfortunately, women still have to endure sexual harassment in their daily lives.

One Chinese company seems to have made this an intrinsic part of its workplace policy by making it compulsory for female employees to kiss their boss every time they report to work.

As baffling as it sounds, the company insists that this bizarre ritual purportedly helps strengthen interpersonal relationships and even ‘motivates’ women employees. Woman form more than half of the staff at this company that sells brewery machinery in Beijing. Although this degrading tradition is practiced every day in the office, not all workers seem to be happy about it.

In fact, two of them were compelled to resign after they refused to toe the line, reports People’s Daily, China. Let’s see how long it will take before someone drags this creepy boss to court.