Though newspapers criticise government, focus on cleanliness movement by media is praiseworthy: PM Modi

During the last five days, PM Modi seems to have changed his card – from development to emotional.

New Delhi, October 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his views on the relations between politics and today’s media. He addressed the media on Saturday during a Diwali function, an annual interaction that used to take place at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters in Delhi from the past three years when BJP came into power.

“Nowadays, you complain that we do not get to sit and chat like we used to..there was also a time earlier when I used to speak to you but could not find you,” said PM Modi adding, “Times have changed and that has created a crunch for us to interact with each other.”

“It is nice to meet my friends from the media without their cameras, papers, and pens,” asserted PM Modi. “We have a long association with each other and there is an understanding with which we all work for the country,” concluded Modiji.

PM Modi applauded media by recognising its role in creating a huge impact among the public. He thanked media for their support in spreading the cleanliness campaign. “In the past few days, all newspapers have been filled with the criticism of the government,” said PM Modi, “but the focus on the cleanliness movement by the media is praiseworthy.” He said that everyone has wholeheartedly supported the movement.

PM asserted that it is only by experience one could conclude who comes with an agenda and who comes to serve the people of the nation. PM Modi said, “Democracy in political parties is a subject more people should know more about.” He added, “We need to have transparency in the recruitment that political parties do.”

BJP chief Amit Shah, Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Smriti Irani had joined the PM in Deepawali Mangal Milan Samaroh at BJP Headquarters.

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