Thousands reportedly vote for dead gorilla Harambe for US president on internet

Washington,Nov10:Thousands of US voters reportedly cast their votes for a dead gorilla and a world famous cognac instead of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.
In the wake of Donald Trump’s shock White House victory, photos flooded Twitter showing voters who had used the write-in section of their ballots to vote for the gorilla.

The gorilla’s death sparked outrage in May after he was shot when a toddler fell into his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo.

Some of those guilty of spoiling their votes even took to Twitter to share an image of their ballots.

Although the reports have not been verified, the mere claim that thousands chose to ‘waste’ their vote sparked outrage online.

In July, months before any votes were cast, Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling had put support for Harambe at 5 percent – ahead of Green Party candidate Jill Stein. They said that the dead gorilla’s ratings drew level with Stein in Augustat 2 percent.

Just eight states did not allow space for write-ins in this year’s presidential election.

At the time of writing, the popular vote was still being counted with Hillary Clinton holding 58,874,061 votes to Donald Trump’s58,839,749.

However, the US electoral college system means a candidate can win the popular vote while ultimately losing out on the presidency.