Threatening and obscene phone calls: Aam Admi Party MLA Sarita Singh files complaint

New Delhi, October 1: Aam Admi Party MLA Sarita Singh has lodged a complaint to the Delhi police. The complaint alleged that she is getting calls from unknown origin which are obscene and threatening in nature.

The calls are from various unknown numbers, according to Delhi police, reports

In her complaint to the northeast Delhi police station, on September 19, the Rohtasnagar MLA has alleged that she has been getting “obscene” and “threatening” calls and that they are “highly torturing”, police said.

“Investigation has been taken up in the matter,” a senior police officer said.

“The calls which the MLA has got, were made from the internet which makes it difficult to trace the caller,” said the officer. He added that Sarita Singh has given them the permission to access her call details.

“After the complaint was filed, she was out of town and without her permission, we couldn’t access her call details,” he added.