Three arrested in Kundapur, stolen batteries and vehicle recovered

Three arrested in Kundapur, stolen batteries and vehicle recovered

Kundapur, Feb 25: Police personnel from Byndoor station stopped a Tavera vehicle, found stolen batteries meant for sale stacked inside it, and arrested three persons. The incident happened near Henberu Cross at Ottinene in the taluk on Thursday February 23.

The arrested persons have been identified as Muhammed Salman (21) and Muhammed Sameer (21), residents of Jali Road in Devinagara, Bhatkal, and Muhammed Mohsin (18) from Tenginagundi Road, Bhatkal.

After getting reliable information, the police personnel waited for the Tavera vehicle that was moving towards the town from Shirur, at Ottinene Henberu cross. When they signalled the vehicle to stop, the driver turned it towards Henberu village instead of stopping. In the process, the wheels of the car got stuck in a pit by the roadside. When three persons seated inside tried to escape, police personnel chased them and took them into custody, it is gathered.

During their questioning, the trio revealed that they have been stealing batteries from vehicles found parked by the side of highway 66 between Bhatkal and Kundapur, and selling the same here. The police personnel who confiscated the Tavera vehicle, found seven batteries of different makes, worth about Rs 70,000. The value of the car has been put at four lac rupees. A case about the theft stands filed at Byndoor police station.