Three cows stranded on small island after landslide during NewZealand earthquake

Auckland,Nov14:3 cows stranded ona small island of grass after landslide triggered by NewZealand earthquake.

Two cows and a calf have been filmed stranded on what remains of their paddock – a small “island” of grass that drops away into steep cliffs – following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked New Zealand’s South Island.

The stranded cattle were filmed north of Kaikoura today, after the quake struck this morning, Newshub reports.

The deadly quake hit just after midnight local time (10pm AEDT), killing two people and damaging roads and buildings.

One man was killed when his family’s homestead in Kaikoura collapsed.

Kaikoura, which is on the east coast of the South Island, was particularly hard hit by the quake. Road access to the town is blocked and helicopters have been called in to assist in the search for victims.