How these three young girls changed the education scenario of this village

Varanasi, May 13: This is the story of three brave girls who brought a revolution of education in a small village near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
There were no one to encourage them and moreover they faced taunts and extreme humiliation during their battle. As a result to their suffering 90% of the students in their village attend school today.
Before Tabassum, Tarranum and Rubina took up the mission lest than 5% of the kids from the village attended school. Drop outs stayed at home helping their parents.
“In our village, we were the ones who completed schooling. Nobody wanted to study. They never went out of our village and depended on small works within our hamlets, “says Tabassum.
It is a poverty stricken village where people struggle to earn atleast for a meal. For them education was at the least priority and the situation of girls were even worse.
“Somehow we managed to study. Our parents encouraged us and our inspiration was their support,” she says.
“First we started by visiting each houses. We went door to door to encourage and provide awareness to their parents. We also sought the help from Human Welfare Association, an NGO in Varanasi,” Tabassum said.


The next step was to find a place to start a school. “We found a small public place and started a school for kids,” she said.
“It was very difficult task, as in the beginning students did not turn up. But we continued our efforts to bring them. We everyday visited their houses and motivated them. Slowly children started showing up, without our compulsion,” she recalls.

In the beginning the number of the students was just 35 and now they have got 10 students.
“The most difficult part was to bring back the drop out school girls. As they were little grown up, parents did not want them to leave outside the house,” she adds.
But these young brilliant girls had a solution for that problem too. They started a small tailoring unit in the school so that parents agreed to send their girls.
“For our surprise slowly these children’s mothers also started showing interest to learn,” she said.