Tired of crying? ‘The Sunion’ onion wont make you sob

Sunion won't make you cry

Aren’t you tired of crying while chopping onions? Scientists have finally developed an onion that won’t have you balling when you cut them up.

Named ‘Sunion’, this onion is genetically modified and sweet and crunchy, The Sun reported.

It has taken scientists decades to develop the sunion through a natural cross-breeding programme.

The reason it doesn’t cause your eyes to water is because it does not release much lachrymatory-factor synthase, a compound that forms sulphuric acid, which triggers tears when it comes into contact with your eyes.

Sunions will soon hit the market in March and will be first sold in the US. Currently, they are only grown in Nevada and Washington.

“Sunions growers are currently working diligently with stores and supermarkets across the country to find the best locations to offer this groundbreaking product,” a spokesperson for the growers is quoted as saying by The Sun.

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