TN Governor launches tree census in Chennai

Chennai,Nov11:Did you know that there are 119 tree species in the sprawling green lung space surrounding Raj Bhavan here? These include rare species such as Queen Sago and Red Sanders.

The acting Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao on Thursday launched a tree census in the Raj Bhavans of Chennai and Ooty that would be carried out by students of the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU)

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rao called for preserving and conserving the 5,676 flowering plant species in the State. He said there was an urgent need to take stock of the situation at national, regional and micro levels. He also called upon large corporates to sponsor tree-planting efforts.

TNAU Vice-Chancellor K. Ramasamy said that at a crucial juncture where many plant species were facing threats of endemism and extinction, documentation of the tree wealth of Raj Bhavan would play a significant role in creating awareness.