To keep women safe, Delhi government orders child-lock sticker compulsory on cabs

To keep women safe, Delhi government orders child-lock sticker compulsory on cabs. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, September 5: The taxi cabs in Delhi will now display prominently the way to deactivate child locks that are fitted in the rear doors of a car. This move was initiated so that woman passengers who travel alone can disengage it in a distress situation.

The State Transport Authority (STA) discussed the issue of the facility in a meeting. A senior official of the State Transport Authority said that the matter did not get much support from the Board members who said it was an important safety parameter in the car. Alternatively, the suggestion was to put a clearly visible sticker so that a distressed passenger can disengage it was mooted by the Board.

Varsha Joshi, the Commissioner (Transport) of Delhi government said that “The cabs will have to affix this sticker so that a passenger can see it and learn how to deactivate it.” The child locks are fitted in rear doors of cars in order to prevent the passengers sitting on the back seat from opening them whether the vehicle is moving or stationary. This facility could  be disengaged only by the driver of the car. In order to check accidental opening of the rear doors by children and to also prevent adult passengers from deactivating it, the lock is provided in the cabs. The lock is provided to check . In cases of harassment of female passengers travelling alone in cabs in the city have been reported where the victims have been unable to escape due to locked rear doors.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) recently recommended that by disabling child lock facility in cabs saying there was “possibility” of increase in crime against women due to it. Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal has sent a notice to the Transport department in this regard.