To save nature, ride cycles, not cars, says Parrikar

Panaji, Dec 3 (IANS) Taking a sarcastic dig at opponents of infrastructure projects in the state, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday said that those who want to ‘save’ nature, should stop using cars and ride cycles instead.

“Don’t kill the nature? Don’t buy cars, it is a simple solution. Don’t buy a car, nature will be automatically saved. Use a cycle,” he said.

Speaking at a poll rally in Bicholim constituency located around 25 kms from Panaji, Parrikar also drew a linkage with Sweden, where he said people, including the country’s Prime Minister, preferred using a cycle, but also added that the Scandinavian nation was a “cashless society”.

“We should also start using cycles. In Sweden, even the Prime Minister rides a cycle. But many things don’t just happen like that. Sweden is a cashless society. Goa is the best place for cashless society. Cashless does not mean without cash. It is a society with less cash. We are used to shelling out money where it is not needed. We can pay by card or by mobile,” he said.