Toddler’s body found in garbage, mouth stuffed with cloth

Toddler's body found in garbage, mouth stuffed with cloth.

Chennai, Feb 20: A Three-year-old toddler’s body was found in garbage dump, in Chennai on Sunday. The girl’s mouth was stuffed with cloth.

The girl was purportedly killed by the attacker after he sexually assaulted her. The infant’s mouth was stuffed with rags. The body was spotted by workers who were unloading the garbage. They immediately called the Tiruvottiyur police after the discovery.

According to the mother of the infant who filed the missing complaint, the child was playing with her 5-year-old brother while their father was at work.

The autopsy on the body concluded that the child had indeed been molested by the paedophile.

It is being suspected that the neighbour had lured the girl by buying her an ice cream. Police are currently questioning the suspect.