Togadia’s book ‘Saffron Reflections: Faces and Masks’, a cause of worry for BJP?

New Delhi, Jan 17:  A day after his mysterious disappearance, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s international working president Pravin Togadia on Tuesday expressed the fear of he being killed.  Now theories are doing the rounds that the root cause of the fear and tension of Togadia may be connected to a soon to be launched book of his – ‘Saffron Reflections: Faces and Masks’?

In a press meet on Tuesday, a teary-eyed Togadia had claimed, “I am being targeted for a decade-old case, there is an attempt to suppress my voice. Rajasthan police team came to arrest me. Someone told me a plan was being made to kill me in an encounter,”

According to Togadia a large contingent of Rajasthan Police, along with Gujarat Police, allegedly came to kill him in an encounter.

Why the BJP ruled governments in Rajasthan and Gujarat would want to kill Pravin Thogadia is a question that only he could logically answer.

But according to a report on, the former cancer surgeon is on the way to complete his book, related to Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

It is said that the book discloses the Ramjanmabhoomi movement and its impact on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The book explains about the Right-wing leaders, who were behind the Ramjanmabhoomi movement and also explores who got political gain from it.

The book is named Saffron Reflections: Faces & Masks, and the content is mainly targeting Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, alleges the report.

The book also explains how the political parties cheated the Hindus in India for the past 25 years, and it may be a great backlash to the BJP, who claims themselves to be custodians of Hindutva.

According to a close aide of Togadia, who has read the manuscript, the writer has explained how Narendra Modi used Hindus by obtaining their support to become the prime minister and did nothing for the construction of the Ram temple. He claimed  that Modi has also been criticised in the book for failing to impose a complete ban on cow slaughter in the country.

It is not a secret that Pravin Togadia and Narendra Modi are not on good terms. The two leaders started their political career in  Ahmedabad, and later in  1983 Togadia was posted into VHP and in 1984 Modi started working for  BJP.

The VHP International Working President ’s allegations, during a press conference on Tuesday, that his life was in danger show that the tension between the two is now boiling over.

Togadia held the press conference a day after he was admitted to an Ahmedabad hospital in an unconscious state, hours after his outfit claimed that he was missing.

The international working president of the VHP had disappeared for a while on Monday after a police team went to his home in Ahmedabad to arrest him in connection with an attempt-to-murder case from 1996.

It is difficult to measure to which extend the BJP leadership sees Pravin Togadia’s book as a threat to them, as it is yet to be released.

The rumors are that if the book is published before the 2019 parliamentary elections, the content of the book could spoil the BJP’s plan to make the Ram temple issue its central poll plank and could also cast a dent in BJP votes.