Tower collapse of defunct Chennai building at Moulivakkam prompts demolition

Chennai,Nov2:As per the state government direction , an 11-storey defunct building ‘Belief’  in Moulivakkam, Chennai  will be demolished today.

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) will demolish the building where one of its twin towers ‘Faith’ collapsed on July 28, 2014. 61 people had died in the collapse after a spell of heavy rain. The second tower was declared unsafe immediately.

The Supreme Court, in May this year, gave its permission for demolishing the building after going through a report submitted by a three-member expert committee.

Following the advisory of Kancheepuram collector, the standing tower was enlisted for demolishing as the foundation was not strong and could be dangerous to the neighbourhood.

The building will be demolished between 02:00pm – 04:00 pm today depending on weather conditions. Demolishers are using implosive explosion technique to bring down the building within 10 seconds.

Schools in the area have been closed for the day and people have been moved to safer zones. Electricity supply to the area has also been shut down since morning.

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