Toyota releases its new urban mobility concept car-Tril

Toyota releases its new urban mobility concept car-Tril

Cape Town ,March29– Toyota’s unveiled its new urban mobility concept earlier in March 2017. Three seats and amazing packaging make it possible for this futuristic Toyota, an evolution of its i-Road from 2013, to venture where more conventional vehicles simply cannot.

The i-Tril made its debut at the 2017 Geneva auto show. Toyota claims its three-wheeler will be an “alternative to city cars, other electric vehicles and motorcycles”, and “aimed at people who want to have fun even while driving at low speeds around cities.”

Its developers are currently working on a technology called ‘Active Lean’, you know, like you used to do when you were younger while playing racing video games.

But we suspect that if it was brought to market in South Africa, there would be an issue with the name. Saffers, why are you are laughing?

The fate afflicting Mitsubishi Pajero ownership in all Spanish-speaking countries, is what is the issue with this Toyota too; Colloquial, localised interpretation of a name. Somehow, the i-Tril just isn’t going to make for an easy conversational sell, now is it?