Tractor driver has narrow escape when a high-speed train in England misses him by inches

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London,July31:A tractor driver had a narrow escape when a high-speed train in England missed him and his vehicle just by an few inches on 27 July.

In the video, shared by Leicestershire Transport Police, a speeding train is running at its full speed when it sees a tractor crossing through the tracks.

The driver, reportedly a 26-year-old man, escapes just by just few inches, thanks to the presence of mind displayed by the driver. The driver applies the emergency brake, causing the high-speed train to slow down, subsequently leading it to stop.

British Transport Police Leicestershire released the footage of the near-miss on Thursday.

#Leicester👍near devastating video. Why rural crossings must be used with care. Follow the rules; don’t risk it! @RutlandPolice @leicspolice

Leicestershire (@BTPLeics) July 27, 2017

The authorities in the East-Midlands area of England moved swiftly to ensure the driver, who had failed to obtain telephone permission to use the crossing line, was penalised.