Traffic comes to a standstill in Vytilla

Traffic comes to a standstill in Vytilla

Vyttila, January 18: You can only dream of getting to places on time in Kochi it seems. The Vyttila signal has always been a stumbling block that prevents commuters from reaching their destinations on time, but, when the construction of the new flyover commenced at the junction, the situation worsened.

Traffic jam at the signal is wonted, but the block that Kochiites witnessed on Thursday morning was beyond the ordinary. The line of vehicles which usually end within few meters of the junction was extended beyond Thaikoodam, covering kilometers.

The ongoing construction of flyover at Vyttila

The scorching sun and the dust arising from the construction activities made the long wait in the traffic block more grueling for people traveling in two-wheelers and buses. The two traffic policemen deployed at the signal are slogging to manage the vehicles darting from four directions.

Construction of two different projects are progressing at the junction- the Kochi metro line and the flyover. A larger part of the roads are closed and the construction machinery are stationed in these areas. Vytilla is the busiest junction in the state, and thousands of vehicles pass through the junction every day. Even the slightest compromise of space in this area can result in hours of traffic jam.

The Kochiites are bearing with the myriad inconveniences the construction is generating without much complaints. They all are dreaming and waiting for the day when they can cross Vyttila without encountering a pandemonium.