Train mows down three cows in Gurugram

Gurugram, Dec 27 (IANS) Three cows were run over by a passenger train in Gurugram on Tuesday, an official said.

The pressure pipes connecting the engine with the coaches were damaged when the train hit a herd of cows on the tracks, the official said.

The train was on its way from Rewari to Delhi when the accident took place.

“Driver of the train applied emergency brakes when he noticed the cows at around 100 metres’ distance,” Amit Yadav, a passenger, told IANS.

“Pressure pipes connecting the engine and bogies were damaged and the train was halted for nearly 45 minutes until the damaged pipes were repaired,” a railway official said.

“A few passengers suffered minor injuries due to sudden jerk but no one was admitted to hospital,” he said.