Transgender drama in Kochi metro scenario launched

Transgender drama in Kochi metro scenario launched

Kochi,July13:A drama based on Kochi metro is to be launched.The tale behind the drama is of the woes of the transgender working in the Metro. An experienced drama group namely Aluva based Prathiksha theatres to make the drama  titled Abhimanasa Metro.

The famous personality active in the movie,serial,theatre scenes  Sunil Njarakkal is the script writer of  this drama. The story goes like this features the troubled lives of  Abhi and Manasa which will be depicted throughout the skit.

Sunil Njarakkal says that even in this technological age ,society looks down upon the transgender for no fault of theirs.This drama aims to enlighten the society about a message of shunning and mistreatment of transgenders as unacceptable.

The drama starts with the video of Metro inauguration after which delves  deep into the lives of the transgender employees.

The story proceeds in a way to keep the onlookers engaged and on their toes.

“Even though there have been dramas based on transgender characters it is the first time that the drama features transgenders and the central theme and characters. ” ,says Sunil Njarakkal.Seven characters are portrayed by transgenders in this drama.The drama is directed by the popular director Abbas Pratiksh. He claimed thatat it was a matter of pride to present the transgender drama,The duration of the drama is two hours.